I recently had someone contact me who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Mesothelioma. It is his desire to help others with cancer by making them aware of the benefits of exercise, especially Pilates.

Not only those diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Mesothelioma benefit greatly from Pilates, but I have worked with many people with other types of cancer as well. This gentleman shared the following article with me, and I am sharing it with you here. As you read about the many benefits of Pilates for people with Mesothelioma, know that these positive benefits are for everyone! More recently, people diagnosed with many types of serious diseases are encouraged to seek out Pilates. This would have made Joe Pilates very happy!

When choosing a Pilates professional, first be sure they have been well trained in Classical Pilates and not only have a good working knowledge of the purpose of each exercise, but also have many years of experience with a variety of populations. Second, choose someone with compassion who is willing to keep the focus on you and your needs as the client.

I would like to offer my help as a senior Classical Pilates Instructor to those of you who have received a diagnosis of cancer and need to achieve the many benefits of Pilates. Please feel free to contact me anytime. By email; jan@pilatesmidwest.com, by phone; (231)439-5907.

Jan Tirony


Pilates Midwest, Inc.

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